A glance at some of my written works over the years.

Dialog samples for the indie game Dwerve

This is a dialog sample for an indie game where two unlikely companions try to make their way home through a hostile landscape. The prompt was to provide two examples showcasing either a contemptuous or a warm relationship between the duo.


Comic book script for the anthology Tales from the Quarantine

Arriving in December of 2021 from Red Cabin Comics, Tales From The Quarantine is an anthology about solitude. Collecting hundreds of artists and writers from around the globe (with my script representing Finland!), Tales offered the storytellers only the theme of isolation as a guideline. My script, set in the afterlife where all religions exist together, centers around the myth of Cassandra, and her final encounter with the person responsible for a life in exile for knowing everything, but doomed to never be heard.

Tales From The Quarantine is out in 2022.

Preview of CASSANDRA. Art by Jonathon Scott
Character biographies and dialog from the iOS game Hidden Heroes

Developed by Lume Games and published by 505 Games, Hidden Heroes was one of my first game writing projects. I came in the very late stages of production and rewrote the lore, dialog, and characters to better fit the already created art. In my hands, the world of Spyglass found new heroes inspired by a multicultural mix of myth and history, and I got my first chance to find the story through the characters themselves. These screenshots are from the loading screens, providing glimpses into the lore and heroes between stages.

Characters and dialog for the Cultural Heritage Game Jam demo: Sauna Simulator

Publications as a writer

  • Grimmin saduista Controliin: Esseitä pelien ja kirjallisuuden rajalta – essay Spec Ops ja imperialismin pimeyden sydän. (Jalava, 2022)
  • Tales from the Quarantine – writer for the story Cassandra (Red Cabin Comics, 2021)
  • Hidden Heroes – characters, dialog, and lore (505 Games, 2015)
  • Helsinki Noirwriter, short story Good Intentions (Akashic Books, Like Kustannus, 2014)
  • Modern Mayor – writer for dialog and missions (Nokia, Microsoft, 2012)
  • Masters of Aalto – contributing editor (Aalto University, 2011)

Other published essays, reviews, and articles

  • KonsoliFIN reviews, interviews, longform reporting (2020- )
  • Toisto.netreviews, interviews (2019- )
  • Hype Houston – reviews, articles (2016-2017)
  • Concur Magazine – articles, reviews (2016-2017)
  • HS.fi – columns, reviews (2008-2009)
  • Helsingin Sanomatreviews, columns (2003-2008)